About Me

Absolut Joy
Aspiryna 03 - Bidibodibu
Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (Remixes)

Acardipane Records
Marc Arcadipane feat. The Horrorist - Metal Man
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived 2002

Aussie Records
James Daltan - Hallucinator EP

Babyboom Records
DJ Davie Forbes - Apolypse Now
DJ Gizmo - 2 The Resque EP
Technosis - Rushbins
The Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Intelligent Hardcore
A.I.R. Miles - Children

Bad Vibes Records
3 Steps Ahead - Gangster
DJ Sim - Hardcore Vol. 1
DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Borrowed Sounds EP

Raver's Nature - Back To The Rave EP

Bass Generator Records
Genetik - The Experiment

Bastard Loud Records
Brotherhood Of Mono Tone - Hazard Zone Sampler
Living Hell - The Brainstopper
Natas - The Master Plan

Search & Destroy - Music For Happ-E-Ness
The Headhunter - Modular Breaks

Blaze Records
High Dancity - Is It A Dream?

Bloody Cow
Odyssee - Pure Flow

Bonzai Records
Belgica Wave Party - The Wave
Bonzai Anniversary Rave
DJ Bountyhunter - Bountyhunter
DJ Bountyhunter - The Survival
DJ Hitch-Hiker & DJ Jacques Dumont - A New Dimension
Dream Your Dream - Soushkin
Dream Your Dream III - Mayday Dream
Introspective - Land Of The Rising Sun
Phrenetic System - IV
Phrenetic System - Reality
Strange Food - Strange Food
Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One
Yves De Ruyter II - Guess Who?
Yves De Ruyter III - Rave City
Yves Deruyter - Outsiders

Boscaland Records
M-Zone featuring The Dentist - Into The Future
Retro-Grams - The Logan EP
The Dentist From Boscaland - Pulp Fiction
The Men From Del Bosca - Definition Of A Track
The Men From Del Bosca - The Boscaland Experience

Hyper Space - Natural System (Remixes)
Leroy - First Flight
Leroy & Maurizio Braccagni - The Hammer EP
Maurizio Braccagni - M.B. Side EP
Maurizio Braccagni / Fabio Locati - XTC Vol. 1

Brrr Records
Altered State - Rotterdam Powersource EP
D & F - Amsterdam Is On Fire
D & F - Buzz Click
D & F - Hard Attack
D & F - Tonight You Sleep In Hell
DJ Alex - Say What?
Scarface - Blow Your Head Off
Scarface - Let The Dope Get In Your Soul
Scarface - Speedy Gonzalez
T.O.S.T.I. - The Warning

Bunkör Beats
M-Jay & Dan-Vee - The Sun Always Shines

BZRK Records
BZRK Remix Project - Volume 1
Dr Phil Omanski & Jeremy - Joint Venture

Casseopaya - Moments Of Silence
Casseopaya - Riot Cracker
Casseopaya - Xenophobia

Cardiac Platinum Collection
DJ Nosferatu - Enemy Of The State

Caution Acid
Acidiferous 101%
Acidiferous 102%

Cenobite Records
Archatos - The Strength Of Unity
Bio-Forge - We Know Your Fear
Crypt - The 9th Circle
DJ Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck
Leviathan - The New Generation
Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart
Nitre - FTWA
The Revelation

Clubscene Records
Marc Smith - Techno Dup
Ultra-Sonic - Make That Move

Cold Rush Records
Doom Supporters - EP
Doom Supporters - EP (Promo)
Lost 1 / Lost 2
Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never
Rave Creator - Lights Sound Action!
The Mover & Rave Creator - Rave The Planet

Coolman Records
MC R.A.W. - We Who Are Oppressed
Smash & DJ Rob - Korrekte Bassdrum (Remixes)
The Coalition - A Gathering Of Powers
Tim B - Tim B EP

Dance Ectasy 2001
303 Nation - 6 Track (Promo)
303 Nation - Strobe Jams II
303 Nation - Strobe Jams III
Ace The Space - Nine Is A Classic (Remixes)
Ace The Space - Nine Is A Classic (Remixes) (Promo)
E-Men - XTC Express
Headshop - 4 Sale!
Headshop - Universe (Remixes) (Promo)
Nasty Django - Ey Fukkas! EP (Promo)
Nasty Django - King Of FFM
Nasty Django - The King Is Back
Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo - Mentasm Mafia
Reign - Time Machine
Renegade Legion - Dark Forces
Steve Shit - Steve's Gabbertales

Dance International Records
44.1 K-Hurts - Dissolution
Crazy People Are Happy - EP
Musical Vandals - Hoppa
Somebody From Rotterdam - K-Otic EP

Ilsa Gold - Up (GTO Mix)

D-Boy Black Label
D-Boy Project 5 - Still Hardcore
The Destroyer - My Brain Is Sick!
The Vinyl Junk feat Cixx & MC Syco - Party Motherfuckers

Dead Fly Cuts
Cixx feat. MC Syco - Madness EP

DJ.Ungle Fever
Biochip C. - Cranefly Warriors Vol. 2
Cyberchrist - Salvation EP
Shark - Volume 1
Shark - Volume 2

Dreamteam Productions
Buzz Fuzz - Thunderdome 4 EP
Dano - Thunderdome 4 EP
The Prophet - Dominatin' EP
The Prophet - Thunderdome 4 EP

Drop Bass Network
DJ Repete - Lethal Enforcer

DT Music
They Live Long - Born And Healthy EP
They Live Long - Embryo EP

Dwarf Records
Various - A Christman Carol
Brothers In Crime - 100% Crisis
Brothers In Crime - Forever
Brothers In Crime - How Deep Is Your Love
Casio Brothers - Partytime
Hyperact - House Aggression
Stingray & Sonicdriver - As Cold As Ice
The Scotchman - Asylum (The Remixes)
The Scotchman - Bang The Drums
The Scotchman - Mayhem
Ultimate Buzz featuring MC Bee - Back In Business
Ultimate Buzz featuring MC Bee - Rofo's Theme

Earprotector Records
Hocus Pocus - Hocus Pocus
Igor - Talking About God
Krimson - Praise Jesus
Sauerkraut - They're Back

O.L.D. - Hold On To Your Face

Edge Records
DJ Edge - Diversion EP
DJ Edge - Varispeed EP
DJ Edge & The DJ Producer - Order & Law
Edge Records *1
Edge Records *2
Edge Records *12
Edge Records *14
Edge Records *15
Edge Records *16
Edge Test 3
Lenny Dee vs DJ Edge - *10

Sexdrive Entertainment - Check The Flow

Enzyme K7
Nexes - X-Plore

Enzyme VIP
Ophidian - Butterfly V.I.P.
Void Sector - Legend Memorandum

Enzyme X
Enzyme X - 2
Enzyme X - 14
Enzyme X - 16
Enzyme X - 17
Enzyme X - 24
Ophidian - Blackbox

Dr Macabre - Memoires d'Outre-Tombe

European Hardcore United
Bioforce & Mike Oh'Man - Open Your Mind

European Trance Records
Richard Van Dongen - Something 4 Your Mind

Evolution Gold
Active Force - Techno Therapy

Evolution Records
Interstate - On The Groove
Kinetic Pleasure - Hardcore Mayhem EP
Q-Tex - Equazion Part 4
Q-Tex - Equazion Remix EP
Sub Source - Hardcore Eurphoria
Sub Source - The Sub-Source EP

Sulfurex - Point Break

Fire Recordings
Hardsequencer - Amiga EP
Hardsequencer - Hardsequencer EP
Hardsequencer - Move Fast EP
Raver's Nature - Bring Me Noise!
Raver's Nature - Return To Fame

Forze Records
Rave Nation - Going Crazy
Scott Brown meets Paul Elstak - Feel The Music

Fuck Pig Recordings
Outsider - Strike

Generator Records
BC Kid - Wild And Wonderful EP
BC Kid - Wild And Wonderful EP (Promo)
Fazer - Tekknological Crime
Gauntlet - Run The Gauntlet! EP
Latex Empire - Nokira EP
The Shapeshifter - Back From Hell

Scott Brown - Cool Please Brother

Grand Mal.
Synthadelic - I'm A Secretary (Remix)

Groove World Records
Frankie Bones - We Can Do This

Gsicht Wia Da Beidl Von An Oidn Maun Records
Sons Of Ilsa - Pulsingers Nacht

H20H Recordings
Omar Santana - Oh-Mega EP
Omar Santana - Step The Fuc Back (Remixes)

Hard Attack
E-Rick & Tactic - Start To Move EP

Hard Stuff Records
Brainblower - Mental Hangover
Brainblower - Rave Feelings
Cellblock X - Secrets Of Nutrition
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - The Bird
DJ Houseviking - Hardcore
G.H.S. - Delicious Power EP
Gate 6 - Mummy
Gmoork - Het Vliegende Kunstgebit
Illegal Alien - Frankfurt vs Den Haag
The Babysitter - Fuck The Children
The Carpenter - Zaguhh!
Thomas E - Datastorm EP
Wasteland - Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Sons Of Hardcorps - At Last

Head Fuck Records
Armageddon Project - The Pride Lost EP

Hellrazor Records
Sorcerer - My Four Seasons EP

Hellsound Records
Count Negative & MC Drokz - The Count
DJ Promo - It Runs Deep EP
James Daltan - 2.0 EP

His Master's Noise
Jesus On Speed - I'm The Speaking Truth

Hit The Beat...
The Brain - Crasy One

Hotside Records
TMF - Volume 1
TMF - Volume 2
TMF - Volume 3

ID & T
3 Steps Ahead - Paint It Black
3 Steps Ahead - Step 1
3 Steps Ahead - Step 2
3 Steps Ahead - Step 3
Bass D & King Matthew Feat. Beasty Boy & Da Vinci - Dogpound
Cixx vs The Vinyl Junk - The Tough Guys
DJ Sim - Hardcore Vol. 2
Hardcore Borthers - Smoke Motherfuckers
Holographic - 001
Holographic - 002
Marco V - V.Ision 03
Maurizio Braccagni - Mosquito (The Remixes)
Mutoid - The Necronomicon
Promo - Driven By Instinct
Promo - Metal Warfare
Promo - Patterns In Chaos
Promo - System Feedback
Simstim - Experience
Simstim - One 100 & Two 100
Simstim - Other Dimensions
Simstim - Unknown Directions
The Headbanger - The Headbanger EP
The Masochist - Masochizm
Various - Thunderdome VI
Various - Thunderdome VII
Various - Thunderdome VIII

Industrial Strenght Limited
Manga Corps - The Hunter (Remixes)

Industrial Strength Europe
Temper Tantrum vs Unexist - Destroy The Earth

Industrial Strength Records
A Homeboy A Hippie And A Funki Dredd - Start The Panic
Disintegrator - Lock On Target
Disintegrator - Machines
DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (The Temper Tanturm Mixes)
English Muffin - Blood Of An English Muffin
Fuckin Hostile - Fuckin Hostile
Industrial Strength Sampler
Industrial Strength Sampler II
Industrial Strength Sampler III
Nastenbluten - 100% No Soul Gauranteed
Ralphie Dee - Totally Cained
Speed Nova - Acid Instinct
Spy - Pathogen
Strychnine - The Utopia Project

Influence Recordings
Apocalyptic Heroes - Volume One
Cypoid - Suck My System EP
Influid - II
Influid - II (Promo)
Influid I - Swamp
Influid III - Ladyshaver Non EP
Influid III - Ladyshaver Non EP
Marble Cybos - Marble Vibration
Norman - The Big Deal
Phuture Wax II - House Of Secret Dreams
The Postman - Transfer EP
Vene - Pain EP
Cyberia - Mr. Chill's Back
Cyberia - Mr. Chill's Back (Promo)
Koenig Cylinders - 99.9
Mechanism - Forever South I Fly
Manga Corps - War Dancer

Italian Steel
Digital Boy - Back To The Past Vol. 1
The Darkside - Beats & Riffs 1

Jump Records
Frantic Explosion - Boom Bang
Michael Whiteline - Dope EP

Jumper Records
Kick-Side - Time To Blast

K.N.O.R. Records
Asylum - Hardcore Asylum
Brain Damage - Sabre Dance
Cyclopede - Chemical Warfare
Cyclopede - Family
DJ Raveric - Praying For The Sound
Flashback - The Flashback
Flashback - The Fourth Flashback
Flashback - The Second Flashback
Flashback - The Third Flashback
Human Resource - Fuck Them
Human Resource - In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Mindcontroller - Trance
Orphic - Do You Dance
Reyes - New Jam
Reyes - Soy Innocente
Reyes - Squeez To Dead EP
Ruhr - Arschloch
Sigma 909 - Power Of XTC
Sigma 909 - Speeding Overload
Simon C - Scream And Shout
Source Code - I'm Not A Number
Source Code - I'm Not A Number (The Remixes)
The Bazemen - Bazeman
The Bazemen - Can You Feel The Baze
The Reanimator - Bigger and Bolder
Tribal Force - Huga Chaka
Zelator - Share The Power

Kick Down
Dr. Pravda - Krankenhaus

Klote Records
De Klootzakken - Dominee Dimitri

Kotzaak Records
Jack Lucifer - 96 Knights

Le Petit Prince
RMB - The Place To Be

Lowland Records
Infectious! - I Need Your Lovin (Remixes)

Magnetic North
Directional Force - One Thousand
Fly By Wire - Alkaline 3DH
VCF - Neon EP

Ilsa Gold - 1
Ilsa Gold - 2
Ilsa Gold - 3
Ilsa Gold - Up (The Remixes)
Ilsa Gold - Winterreise

Master Maximum Records
Bass D & King Matthew - Alright
Charly Lownoise - A Whole Lot Of Lownoise
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Blast EP
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Flight To Frankfurt
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Holland EP
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Live At London
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Tears EP
M-Jay & Dan-Vee - Love Is What We Need
Rob Gee, Repete & MC Romeo Romeo - Riot In N.Y.

Mokum Records
Annihilator - I'll Show You My Gun
Annihilator - Realm Of Darkness
Chosen Few - Chosen Anthem
Chosen Few - Feel The Dream
Chosen Few - Freedom
Chosen Few - Love Me Bad
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Remixes)
Chosen Few - Party! / After Hourz
Cookiemunsta - Cook & Curry
Cyanide - Relatic
Cyanide vs Maniac Of Noize - Edge Of Panic
DJ Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (The Nystagmus 2004 Remixes)
DJ Fistfuck - Fuck On
Haardcore - Everybody In The House
Haardcore - Hakken
Haardcore - Toxic
Hammerhead - Hardcore Will Never Die
High Energy - Hellraising
High Energy - Suck My Dick
Hooihouse - Pien An De Eure
Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Mokum Traxxx
Maniac Of Noize - Let The Bass
Mok 98 - Fucking Hardcore
Omar Santana - Mad Creator
Party Animals - Hava Naquila
Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow?
Party Animals - Hou Op!
Pinapple Jack - What I Want
Riot Nation - Move Your Butt
Search & Destroy - Deep In The Underground
Search & Destroy - Return To Madness
Search & Destroy - Work It!
Technohead - Banana-na-na
Technohead - Happy Birthday
Technohead - Headsex
Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy
Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Special Remix Edition)
Technohead - Jetset / Accelerator
Technohead - Mary jane
Technohead - The Passion
Tellurian - Damn Tough
Tellurian - Get Raw
Tellurian - Get Raw (Promo)
Tellurian - Get Stupid
Tellurian - Guyver
Tellurian - My Name Doesn't Matter
Tellurian - Speed Of Light
Tellurian - War Against Machines
The Original Gabba - Kick Some Azz
The Original Gabber - Headbanger!
The Salami Brothers - Wet Salami
The Speed Freak - Bust Your Eardrums
The Speed Freak - K-Town Terrorist
Vitamin - De Ongestelde Flamingo
Vitamin - Muffin' In Mokum
Vitamin - The Point
Vitamin D - Beat 4 Me
Walter One - Live In Hell

Mono Tone
Cyclo S9 feat. Search & Destroy - Cry
Cyclo S9 feat. Search & Destroy - Cry
Dextro NRG - Stomp! (Reissue)
Gringo - Untitled
Harlot - Social Engineering EP
Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood - Lovely Ugly Brutal World
Phase IV - Torture Rhythm
Phase IV - Untitled
Phase IV - Venus Wars
Search & Destroy - P.E. - E.P.
Slime Slurps - The Invasion Of The Slime Slurps
The Speed Freak - Sonic Mine EP
The Speed Freak - Sonic Mine EP
The Speed Freak - Sonic Mine EP
The Speed Freak - Sonic Mine EP
The Speed Freak - Speed City
The Speed Freak - Speed City
The Speed Freak - Time To Die

Neophyte Records
Neophyte - D.R.U.G.S.
Neophyte Sampler Vol. 3

Noculan Records
M.R.G. - Lovin U

C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality
C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality (Remixes)
C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality II
Hardcore Trax III
Pravda Trax - Pravda Interrupt
Turntable Hoschis - Psychic Complexx

Global Hardcore Source - (G)Rave EP
Global Hardcore Source - Fast EP

Paradise Records
Citrus - Fascination

Pengo Records
Critical Mass - Dancing Together

Phuture Rave Recordings
The Chicken-Farmer - The Anti Cyclone EP

Planet Core Productions
Frankfurt Trax - Volume 2
Mescalinum United - Reflections Of 2017
The Mover - Over Land & Sea

Kuadra - La Onda

Power House Records
Deaz D. - Acid Yell

Dr. Macabre - Ghost Stories Chapter 1

Pro Artist Management
Catscan - The Daylight Burn

PsychoActive Records
Psychoactive Sampler

Rabbit City Records
Force Mass Motion - Chase EP
Force Mass Motion - Escape EP
Force Mass Motion - Induction EP
Force Mass Motion - Sonik Source EP
Future Viper - Soundwaves EP
SP23 - Network 23

Rave Records
Cellblock X - Hypersector EP
Deaz D featuring DJ Fish - Dark En' Trance
DJ Gizmo - The Powerdome EP
DJ Gizmo & Buzz Fuzz - Drummz EP
Ech Heftag - De Haag Hakke!!
Ech Heftag / T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Hakke / Achtung (Remixes)
El Bruto - El Bruto
Gladiators & Slaves - The Rave Arena
Mass Hypnosis - Djungle Flow
Noisegate - Goddamn' Mind
Raveagraphixx - There Is No Other
Reverend Jackson - Die Motherfuckers
Sensor - A Sick Mind Is A True Delight
Square Dimensione / Radical Motion - Angry Eyes / Stereo
T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Achtung!
The Dark Raver & DJ Gizmo - Direction Of Fear EP II
The Falcon - Tear You Apart
The Undertaker - Flatliner
XTRO - Dikke Vette Pannekoeke

Raving To 6 A.M.
Dominium - Let Your Mind
Dominium - Let Your Mind

Re-Fuse Records
The Raven and Don Diablo - The Arrival

Resident E Recordings
Da Bulldozer Project - Arise

Riot Row Records
Rich In Paradise - Volume 2

Rotterdam Classics
History Of Rotterdam Hardcore - Part 1

Rotterdam Records
Armageddon - Sunset Party Slamm
Armageddon - You'll Never Be Mine
Bald Terror - Rotterdam
DJ Maxx, DJ Giangy & DJ Buby - Musica Nevrotica
DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More
DJ Paul Elstak - Play My Game
DJ paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky
DJ Rob - 1992 Is For You
DJ Rob & MC Joe - The Beat Is Flown (Remixes)
Euromasters - Alles Naar De Kl--te
Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan?
Euromasters - Hardscore
Euromasters - Oranje Boven
Evil Maniax - Psychopath
Evil Maniax - The Creators Of Hardcore
General Noise - Rotterdam Subway
German Division - Concerto Grosso
Hard Attack - Vol 1
Holy Noise - The Nightmare (The Final Remixes)
King Dale - Fuckface
King Dale - Utter
Lenny Dee versus DJ Paul - Round One
Morlock - Der Energy (Noise)
Neophyte - Protracker EP
Neophyte - The Three Amiga's EP
Neophyte vs Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker
Oldschool Terrorists - Number 4
Oldschool Terrorists - Tripple 666
Various - Party Gift
Rotterdam Termination Source - Merry X-Mess
Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing
Short Circuit - Fuck Me
Sound of Rotterdam - Volume II
Sperminator - No Woman Allowed
Sperminator - S-Fucking
Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch
Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - I Am The Master

Rotterdam Special
Fly By Wire - Alkaline 3dh
Neophyte - Real Hardcore

Rotzooi - Poep On Azit

Ruff Beats
Lenny Dee & Dark Raver - A Weekend In Bklyn Part 1

Ectomorph - The Fall Of Babylon

Ruffneck Records
Cybernators - Not Responsible!!!!
Diss Reaction - Emanon Vol. 1
Fear Of A Ruff Planet
Juggernaut - Ruffneck Rules Da Art-Core Scene !!!
Juggernaut - The World Of The LSD-User
Juggernaut - XTC Motherf...
Keng - Induce Trance
Knightvision - The Search For Mariuhana!
Lock Jaw - Underground Funk
Nosferatu - No God To Us!
Phoenix - (Now) Who's In Control?!
Pinhead - Slammin Beatz
Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic
Special Series - Part I
Special Series III - Happy Edition
Trickster - Enphasis On Hardcore
Trickster - White Line
Undercover Anarchist - Kingdom
Undercover Anarchist - Kingdom
Wedlock - Acid Rain
Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man!
Rufftrax On Wax - EP

Samurai Records
Razzle Dazzle Trax - Rattlebrain

Screwdriver Records
Davie Forbes Fallout EP
Forbes & Cyclone - Full Force EP
Lord Of Hardcore - Attack The Dancefloor

Shift Music
Los Pablos - Fiesta Loca

Shock Wave Recordings
Flamman & Abraxas - Drugs
Members Of Shock Wave - Limited II
Play Dead - Straight Into Your Face
Shape Shifter - Porn To Kill
The Speed Freak - Deconstruction By Speed
The Speed Freak - Five Years On Speed

Bass Reaction - Technophobia
Bass X - Atomic
Bass X - Bass X-Mas
Bass X - Exterminate
Bass X - Hardcore Disco
Dance Overdose - Wake Up To The Overdose (Remixes)
Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly - Hardcore Trax Vol. 1
Technosis - Aural Assault EP
Technosis - Pulzar

Dutch Verg - Bestial EP

Sound Asylum Records
Ni-Cad - Brainwash (Promo)
Ni-Cad - Brainwash (Remixes)

Sound Of Bomb
Euromasters - Alles Naar De Kl--te (Rexanthony Remixes)
Rexanthony - For You Marlene
Rexanthony - For You Marlene (Promo)
Techno G feat Monier - Big Noise / Music Pumpin

Space Works
Color Climax Corporation - Lust Probe EP

Q-Tex - The Power Of Love

2 Uninterested - I Don't Care

Super Special
Tumor - Tumult EP

Supreme Intelligence
D'Spyre - The Tower Of Wisdom

Terror Traxx
Bodylotion - Bodylotion II
Bodylotion - Ik Wil Hakke!
Damage Inc - To The Extreme
Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Koppensneller EP
Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Koppensneller EP
Dutch Concert - Slammin
Nightraver - We Are From Rotterdam
Nightraver - We Are From Rotterdam
Shoop There It Is - The Terror Traxx Sampler Volume One
Sons Of Aliens - In Love EP
Sons Of Aliens - In Love EP
Stunned Guys - Love Really Sucks EP
Too Fast For Mellow - In My House
Too Fast For Mellow - In My House
Too Fast For Mellow - M.F. Bass In Your Face
Too Fast For Mellow - Work That Mutha Fucka
Two Terrorists - Jurassick Terror EP

Tesseract Records
Loudness - Let Me Hear You
Overmind - Tekkno Tribe
Terragon - Party !!!

Test Crash Limited
The Prophet - I Like It Loud

Test Crash Records
Commotion - Tutti Frutti
The Controllers - Testcrashin'

The European
La Casa - Mutha F*cka House

The Third Movement
Catscan - Be Unforgettable
Catscan - Capture In Distress
Catscan - Finishing Profiles
Catscan - My Region
N-Vitral - Smocgh
Peaky Pounder - Pidikkeen
Promo - Brother In Conflict
Promo + Korsakoff - Message Ti The Majors + Tamara
Unexist - Will Break Your Face
X-Ess & Catscan - La Haine

Titanium Steel
G104 & Gringo - Titanium Steel Screws
The Speed Freak - Red Poison

Trashcan Records
Enfusia - Hootiemack
Global Hardcore Source - Rave Traxx EP
The Cyber Prince - Cyberotic Passions

Tri Pax
Tri Pax - Volume 1
Tri Pax - Volume 2

Twisted Vinyl
The Best of Twisted Vinyl - Vol. 1
Firestarter - Burn Mother Fucker!
Technosis - Power Of Darkness
Technosis - Rise Of The Demon

Undercover Mafia
Hardcore Element vs Bad News - Tell The DJ

Underworld Records
Cellblock X - Cystal Dynamics

Very Hard Unresistable
Wasting Program - Flavour Shop

XXX Digital Memory
Ilsa Gold - Gasomtertrax

Z001 Records
Terra Wan - Caramba Dance 2 Dis

Zombie Records
George Vagas - Hyperdrome

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