About Me

Name: G. Monk
Born: 18-10-1980
Lives in: Enschede, The Netherlands
Education: (HBO) Kunst en Techniek, Saxion Hogeschool
Graduated in: Concept Development and Marketing & Advertisement

Allthough my mother always listens to country music and rock 'n roll classics, I've never been influenced by her. I've grow up with music from Eurythmics to Michael Jackson and from AC/DC to Chubby Checker. I've allways had a passion for electronic music, ever since I was a young boy. At the age of 4 I heard "Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White Lines" on the radio. It blew my bollocks off! The early eighties brought synthpop and the widespread use of synths and keyboards.

In 1988 house music came on the scene. It would change me life forever. How little did I know about house music in those days, from that moment I knew; "This is it!" It would take 2 years until I really learned more about house music. The dutch CD's such as: Turn Up The Bass, Move The House and House Party, played an important role.

Furthermore, I used to record everthing I heard on the radio, as long as it sounded like house music to me. Later I learned, that there were different styles of house music. The one I love most, is the one my parents disliked most; "gabber" house. This style of housemusic is unlike any other style. It's harder than any style before. Producers use distorted volumes, mindblowing speed and the most horrorfying noises. Apart from gabber I like techno and club, or "mellow".

In 1993 I still frequently recorded music from the radio, but not only from normal radioshows like "Top 40" but also from a new radioshow, called "Rave Radio". A lot of records played on this show, weren't played anywhere else. I used to record everything. I later chose the best tracks to record, onto other homemade tapes. The first items in my collections were cassettes and CD's like House Party, Thunderdome and Rave The City. My collecting is ever growing.

I've started buying vinyl records in 1997, after someone's advice buy "the real thing". My local recordstore, couldn't supply many records, or only gabber records. The first gabber records I bought were:
- King Dale - Fuckface (Rotterdam Records)
- Krid Snero - IV (Say No More…!)
I still have them!

My attention has shifted from new gabber house to house music classics. The first proper recordstore I used to frequent was a recordstore in Zwolle, were I was studying at the time. Now I could buy techno and deephouse too, which I heard on the radioshow "TROS Dance Tracks" at that time. In 1999 I've bought my first beltdrive turntables for mixing; Numark TT1700's. I've also bought a mixer by Numark, and a pair of headphones by Pioneer. In 2002 I've bought a new mixer, and new turntables (Technics SL-1200MK2).

My recordcollection mounts up to about 7500 records and 500 CD's of all different kinds of styles of house music.

I've started making music around 2004, with the use of "fruity loops" as main production tool. Nowadays I don't use fruity loops anymore, but mainly my Yamaha CS2x, Roland JX-305, Roland Juno-106, Wavelab and Ableton. I don't get around producing much, but when I do produce something it's usually experimental or electro stuff. However, I'm planning on making more music in future, part of which is downloadable on this site under the section "Music".

I followed the study "Kunst & Techniek (Arts & Technology)" in Enschede and graduated in 2011 in the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Technology (B AT).

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